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Tips and Tricks


You can always view past auctions, winning bids and invoices through our website. To view past auctions, click on the auction results tab at the bottom of the home page. Within any past auction, you can always see the high bid and bidder by viewing the individual lot information. If you log into your profile, you can click the invoices tab to view all your past invoices from Wears Auctioneering. This is a great resource if your invoice email did not come through!

This feature is not yet available on the mobile version of our website, but if you click on this link, it should redirect you to be able to view your invoices.



Once you get into your invoice tab, you can click on VIEW to view your invoice that will include pickup locations and times. 




Some servers don't like to play nice with ours.  Be sure that our Wears Auctioneering emails aren't getting blocked!


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 Having trouble placing a bid on an online auction? 

1) Have you created a bidding profile with us before? If not, go to the top right corner of the website and click, Create Account. If you have, simply LOG IN. 

2) Go to the auction you wish you bid on and click on View Catalog. 

3) Scroll down to an item that is available for bidding and click on Register to Bid. (right side) 

4) READ and agree to terms, click confirm. 

You're in - bid to your hearts content!