Why Buy and Sell Online?

Why BUY or SELL at Online Auction? 



Unlimited buyer participation * 24/7 Bidder Availability



  • No hiring MOVERS - most items can be sold on site
  • Works in locations that Live Auctions and Tag sales don’t 
  •    (Condo complexes, Apartments, Assisted Living facilities)
  • NO LIMIT - Sell one item or a whole household
  • Seller has a voice in settings Terms and Conditions
  • NO one in your home unless they’ve bought and PAID for an item
  • Less handling, Less Breakage, No Theft 
  • Buyers are responsible for picking up and moving their own purchases
  • All items are paid for BEFORE buyers take delivery
  • Items are secure and IN YOUR POSSESSION until sold
  • Item location is kept private and given only to successful bidders AFTER purchase.
  • Items look better in Natural surroundings
  • Worldwide bidding audience
  • 24 Hour a day bidding available 
  • Auction staff handles all Pre-Auction Inventory and Post-Auction check out
  • Items ARE NOT Discounted daily until sold
  • No weather concerns
  • ON LINE bidding is convenient for bidders 
  • All items are sold AS-IS while being properly represented
  • Wears Auctioneering auctions are transparent offerings, everyone that wants to can view the bids and freely participate.
  • Competitive Bidding INCREASES the price
  • NO arbitrary pricing by one person who thinks they know the value of your item
  • Extended Bidding continues until all bidders are finished placing bids
  • Seller receives one check for all sales with expenses clearly itemized
  • Timed Auction: Auction closes at predetermined time
  • Excellent for Commercial, Storage, Warehouse, Estates, etc.
  • Good way to market and sell large quantities of items efficiently



  • Bidders know in advance when auction ends
  • Buyers know Terms and Conditions before they bid
  • Extended bidding on items that they wish to buy (No sniping at the last second)
  • Buyers know when they need to pick up BEFORE they bid
  • Buyers know that they have “won” an item before traveling
  • Multiple photos show condition and Buyer can make their own decision as to value
  • 24 Hour a day viewing
  • 24 Hour a day Bidding
  • Bid from wherever, whenever! Bid from smartphone or mobile device!
  • Email receipt
  • Winning Bids are automatically charged to Credit Card on file after the auction
  • One time registration for ALL company auction 
  • Extended timeframe to place bids, and do research
  • Max bidding allows our system to bid for you up to your stopping point - no checking back constantly
  • Email or texts are available to notify bidders when they have been outbid
  • Bidder anonymity
  • Winning bidder is the only person who handles his/her items
  • No waiting for your item to come up for sale – bid on what you want, when you want
  • No weather or location concerns – bid from the comfort of your home
  • Time to plan ahead for moving/loading of items
  • Shipping can be arranged for non-local buyers
  • Watch list function allows you to group all the items you are interested in into a convenient list
  • Bid on multiple auctions at once  

Online Auctions are a WIN WIN for buyer and seller.

If you items you would like to sell online, call for a free consultation.

If you have any concerns or questions related to bidding on our website, call or email us - someone will walk you through the process and answer any questions you may have. 


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